Common Water Heater Myths

by Susan Cioffi 09/29/2019

There is much misinformation in the world of plumbing. For instance, people believe that when you flush the toilet, the water moves clockwise in the southern hemisphere due to the rotation of the earth. The truth is that such a movement does not occur at all. The rotation of the planet cannot have an effect of that magnitude on the toilet. Other myths follow a similar pattern. They begin with a popular idea and then misapply it. A water heater is not an exception when it comes to misinformation and myths. Here are some common water heater myths:

A water heater can explode

This myth is based on the fact that anything that involves pressurized water or gas tends to blow up. This belief is wrong because the water heater has safety measures that shut the heater down or releases heat when pressure builds up. Therefore, a water heater cannot explode. Call up your local water heater repair company when the device rattles.

DIY water heater repair is straightforward 

It is not advisable to repair your water heater system on your own without consulting the professionals that know how to do it better. Setting up a new heating element may appear straightforward, but it can result in slow heating and dangerous leaking gas if you do not install it correctly. You might be tempted to engage in DIY water repair especially when you need the fix completed as soon as possible, but you should remember that the system is more complicated than it appears. Therefore, it is more reliable to call on local water heater repair company to help you fix issues relating to your water heater. 

Tankless water heaters are costlier than other types of water heater 

The fact is that the installation of a tankless water heater requires expensive venting. This type of setup depends primarily on the location where you prefer to install your system. One of the features of a tankless water heater is that it is highly efficient, allowing buyers to recover the installation cost over a few years. 

Tankless water heaters can produce unlimited hot water

Tankless water heater does not have endless hot water. It works by heating water on demand. Hot water emanating from the tankless system is in greater supply because the water is not coming from a tank. 

The answers above have debunked some of the popular myths about your home water heating system. Rather than believing a myth about the water heater, it is advisable to contact professionals to help you fix any problems with your water heater.

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